RIO's Vyšehrad - Jídelní lístek

Rio´s offers Mediterranean cuisine, thus fresh fishes, salads, fruits, light meats or steaks. The recipes on the menu are frequently originals, and the restaurant even uses some technologies provided directly by the suppliers. For instance the salmon is marinated, grilled and smoked in-house. Among others, one of the specialties of the restaurant is a thick steak of fresh Yellow Bali tuna on red pepper, or the renowned crusty Bahia steak, which is prepared according to the guest´s wishes. Apart from that, this is not the only case when the chef listens to the guests. He often prepares what is not mentioned on the menu, in the case of a guest´s special request.

Even Czech cuisine lovers have been thought about. The traditional roasted duck or goulash are mainly ordered by our foreign customers.

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